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Revelstoke Caribou Rearing in the Wild (RCRW) is a community-based partnership committed to the recovery of mountain caribou in the Revelstoke area through implementation of a maternity penning project. The partnership consists of a wide diversity of individuals and organizations.

Board and Staff
Science Advisors


Our Board

Jody Lownds LL.B. President (2015-, Secretary 2014-2015)
North Columbia Environmental Society, www.northcolumbia.org

Jody obtained her B.A. (Criminology and Criminal Justice) from Carleton in 2003 and her LL.B. from the University of Ottawa in 2006. She worked for Friends of the Earth Canada as their Environmental Justice Campaigner from 2007 until 2009. After moving from Ottawa to Revelstoke in October 2008 and seeing an opportunity for a new law practice in town, she decided to open up her own practice and did so after being called to the British Columbia Bar in October 2009. Jody has been on the Board of Directors for the North Columbia Environmental Society as the Treasurer since 2010 and as the Vice-President since 2013. Jody is an avid skier in the winter and whitewater kayaker and trail runner in the summer.


Cory LegebokowCory Legebokow, Vice President (2014-, President(2013-2014)
BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Cory Legebokow graduated from BCIT in 1984 with double Technical Diplomas in Forest Resources Management and Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Resources. He has been a Habitat Officer with the Province of BC in Revelstoke for over 18 years. Cory has a long history with mountain caribou recovery, primarily focusing on the implementation of recovery measures amongst all land use sectors. Over his 30-year career, Cory has worked at research facilities, fish hatcheries, managed a toxicological analysis lab, and managed several large habitat restoration projects and their staff, in addition to being a certified Haz Mat Spill Responder. Cory calls the Revelstoke Caribou Rearing in the Wild Society’s project the highlight of his career in environmental management.


ian_profileIan Tomm, Secretary (2015-

As the current Executive Director of HeliCat Canada Ian brings a 20 year history in the Canadian helicopter and snowcat industry as a certified lead guide, avalanche forecaster, educator and manager. Prior to his involvement in HeliCat Canada he was the Executive Director of Avalanche Canada as well as the Canadian Avalanche Association. Find out more on his LinkedIn profile.



Kevin Bollefer, Treasurer(2012-
Revelstoke Community Forestry Corporation, www.rcfc.ca

Kevin Bollefer moved to Revelstoke in 1997 after completing his BSc in Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. He became interested in forestry in the area and obtained his Registered Professional Forester (RPF) status through the Association of BC Forest Professionals in 2002. Since then, he had worked in various aspects of forestry and biology. He is currently the Operations Forester for the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation.


Stuart Lee, Director (2014-
Fish and Wildlife Manager, Splatsin First Nation, www.splatsin.ca

Marnie Graf, MSc, RPBio, Director (2014-
Mica Heliskiing, www.micaheli.com

Marnie completed a BSc (Environmental Science) in 2005 as well as an MSc (Biology) in 2009, both through the University of Northern British Columbia, and is now registered as a Professional Biologist in British Columbia. Marnie is currently working with Mica Heli Guides Ltd. as their reservations and logistics coordinator, and also contributes to their biology-related decision-making. Marnie is thrilled with how the community of Revelstoke, local organizations and industry, First Nations, and individuals have been working together towards a shared commitment to mountain caribou recovery in the Revelstoke area and she is very excited to be part of the RCRW Society.


Science Advisors

Robert Serrouya, PhD, Caribou Biologist
Columbia Mountains Caribou Research Project, http://www.biology.ualberta.ca/faculty/?Page=7185

Dr. Helen Schwantje, DVM
BC Wildlife Veterinarian, Minstry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations


Our Staff

Kelsey FurkKelsey Furk, Executive Director (2015-, Board President (2014-2015)

Kelsey made Revelstoke home in 2003 after graduating from Simon Fraser University with a BSc in Ecology in 2000. She has been involved in wildlife research since 2000, primarily as a wildlife technician for the Columbia Mountains Caribou Research Project and as a Human-Wildlife Conflict Specialist/Biologist with Parks Canada. Her interest in caribou rearing in the wild started with a site visit to the first project of this kind in the Yukon in 2005. She is thrilled to see the community of Revelstoke engage in this tangible conservation project.


JJohn Flaa, Co-Site Manager and Shepherdohn Flaa, Co-site Manager and Shepherd

John has lived and worked in the Columbia Mountains for the last 26 years. He recently retired from Parks Canada, where he worked extensively on various wildlife research and monitoring projects including caribou and grizzly bears. Caribou recovery has been a special concern for many years.


Adam Christie

Adam Christie, Co-Site Manager and Shepherd

Adam has had a career in wildlife conservation spanning over 25 years. He spent the majority of this time as a Conservation Officer in BC, where he worked in the West Kootenays, Fort Nelson and Revelstoke areas before retiring as a Sergeant in charge of the Columbia Zone in 2014. Prior to this, he held a position as a Park Warden in Jasper National park for two summer seasons. Through this work experience, Adam has developed skills dealing with a range of wildlife, including predators and caribou. He appreciates the opportunity to use his skills and experience to assist the recovery of the mountain caribou population in the Revelstoke area.


Len Edwards, Splatsin First Nation, Shepherd
Troy Duteau, Splatsin First Nation, Shepherd

Former Board Members


Virginia Thompson, Secretary (2012-2014)
North Columbia Environmental Society

Virginia Thompson has been the Chair of the North Columbia Environmental Society’s Mountain Caribou Committee for six years. She worked with the Mountain Caribou Project to try to ensure the Mountain Caribou Recovery Plan of 2007 would in fact recover caribou to sustainable levels. Now she continues to work with all stakeholders to try to ensure caribou recover in the Revelstoke area. This includes supporting the Revelstoke Caribou Rearing in the Wild project.

Virginia obtained her doctorate in Adult Education from the University of Toronto, specializing in ecopsychology and environmental philosophy. She has worked in the environmental movement since the late 1980ss, and has lived in Revelstoke since 2006.
Angela Threatful, Director (2012-2013)
Revelstoke Snowmobile Society, www.sledrevelstoke.com/snowmobile-revelstoke/

Sarah Boyle, Director (2012-2013), Parks Canada Liaison to Board (2014-
Conservation Biologist, Parks Canada

Gary Van Os, Director (2014-2015)
Revelstoke Snowmobile Club, www.revelstokesnowmobileclub.com



Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers! They have collectively invested hundreds of hours to pick food for caribou (lichen), build the pen, organize events and help with project management.



We are currently in consultation with five First Nations.

The RCRW’s maternity penning proposal has letters of support from:

  • City of Revelstoke
  • Revelstoke Rod and Gun Club
  • Revelstoke Snowmobile Club
  • North Columbia Environmental Society
  • Canadian Mountain Holidays
  • Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing
  • K3 Catskiing
  • Mica Heliguides
  • Mustang Powder
  • Eagle Pass Heliskiing
  • Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation
  • Louisiana Pacific
  • Stella Jones
  • Province of BC
  • Revelstoke Rotary Club
  • Beaumont Timber
  • Ktunaxa Nation
  • Downie Timber
  • Splatsin First Nation
  • Parks Canada
  • Helicat Canada