Likin’ lichen: Collecting Food for Caribou

Caribou migrate up and down mountains in search of seasonally available food. In the winter, their diet consists exclusively of tree lichen. We are grateful to all the volunteers who have helped us collect lichen to feed caribou while they are in the maternity pen. Even the local ski resort got involved, by providing free lift tickets to volunteers to pick arboreal lichen, the natural food that will sustain the pregnant caribou during their stay in the maternity pen. Volunteers Rachel Newby from Australia and Fernand Sylvain from Peace River, AB, harvest lichen from the trees on the side of the ski runs on Revelstoke Mountain Resort with Co-site Manager and Shepherd John Flaa.

John Flaa, Rachel Newby and Fernand Sylvain collecting lichen. Photo by Rob Buchanan.

John Flaa, Rachel Newby and Fernand Sylvain collecting lichen at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Photo by Rob Buchanan.

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