The RCRW Society

The Revelstoke Rearing Caribou in the Wild Society is dedicated to the conservation of mountain caribou in British Columbia, Canada. Read more about the society here or watch this short video here.

What We Do

Revelstoke Caribou Rearing in the Wild (RCRW) is a community-based partnership, consisting of a cross representation of individuals and organizations committed to the recovery of mountain caribou in the Revelstoke area. RCRW’s goal and sole focus is to fundraise, plan and conduct a maternity penning project, to increase caribou calf survival in the North Columbia Mountains over a five-year period.
Pregnancy rates for mountain caribou are consistently high, however the number of calves surviving to 10 months of age has declined and calf numbers are too low to sustain the population. Therefore, increasing calf survival rates is considered a key tool in the conservation and recovery of mountain caribou. Caribou rearing in the wild, also known as maternity penning is a method that has been used in the Yukon and Alberta to increase calf survival.
Read more about Captive Rearing in the Wild and caribou in Revelstoke. The maternity penning project would never have happened without dedicated funders and the support of many dedicated volunteers, and local businesses. To get involved please contact us.
Updates on project progress may be found on our facebook page, blog and media page.